Reinventions, collabs, translations, different authors…

Still a work in progress! I update this list every once in a while.


Vestigial — William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Glass and Cobwebs — Vinícius S. Pessoa

Morning Star — Vinícius S. Pessoa

Curious French Cat — Sylvia Plath

Alone (Of A Demon In My View) — Edgar Allan Poe

Flower Crown — Paul & Nusch Éluard

Mad Girl’s Love Song — Sylvia Plath

Every Monday Ahead Of Us — Charles Baudelaire & Frank Kupka

Fever — Van Gogh

Sunflowers — Van Gogh

My Rainy Afternoon With The Smiths — The Smiths

The Curve Of Your Eyes — Paul Éluard

Butterfly — Man Ray

She Looks Into Me — Paul Éluard

Astral Smile — Vinícius S. Pessoa

Ted Hughes — Sylvia Plath

At The Window — Paul Éluard

Of A Poet (Fragmento de Tema Eterno) — Colombina

Certainty — Vinícius S. Pessoa

War — Vinícius S. Pessoa

Flowers (Fragmento de Amar!) — Florbela Espanca

Your Eyes — Vinícius S. Pessoa