Our love is impure

As light and water

And everything that is born

And lives beyond time


Mia Couto — Fragmento de Amor, Meu Amor
Translation: Lira


This was originally posted in 2016. This poem is just beautiful.


Our love was endless while it lasted

Vinícius de Moraes


I’m always reposting and retranslating this… I need to do the whole thing. I know this line isn’t enough, but it’s the most meaningful.

“Oh Lord, give me chastity… But not now”

The sunset faded away 

In the reminiscences of a twilight,

In the red braids 

Of the lady who rushed downstairs, desperate,

Running from a hotel room 

In the middle of the early hours 

Of a nice morning


It was late May, time for flowers.

Right in front of the ocean, the beach

Outside was blue… When she left through

The beautiful glass door

With detailed allegories — 

The god of the damned!


She breathed fresh air, 

Filling herself with the sky of May

And suddenly, while breathing in,

She realized an abyss — and jumping in

Without knowing where to go…

Life was beautiful outside

In an inexplicable way,

But she had faith in her naive confidence,

In the twilight of her red braid

And in the golden skin of an unmade sunset.



Sometimes I ask V to write poems with me and we just let things flow without really paying much attention to what we’re saying, causing a beautiful disaster that no one gets in the end. Each one of us writes a couple lines, then waits for the other to complete whatever the first one tried to say, even if unaware of what the hell was happening in the beginning… This explanation doesn’t make sense, does it? Oh… Well…

And, yes, this was translated (very poorly) by me.

Your Eyes

Freedom, the word that burns across the white land

Of my dreams. But it is too late.

No matter how loud I scream,

This beautiful freedom teases and hides


In your horizon — the beast in the depths

Of your eyes


Vinícius S. Pessoa

Translated (and slightly altered) by Lira

Cruel Truth

Eternity lasted for about eight days.

Everything built by love

Inconsistency can break


Today, we love.

Tomorrow, we forget —

All kinds of joy and pain 

Are found and lost in a woman’s kiss


Florbela Espanca

(Verdades Cruéis)

Translated and completely modified by Lira. 

Maybe this is actually my own version, not a translation.

Lira: Translated Poems — English to Portuguese

This may not interest many of you, but I was asked to share some of my poems with someone who runs a lesbian love and eroticism zine in Brazil, so I’m posting a few of my translations here, even if they don’t choose my work. I had the pleasure to be featured in one of the caring and fantastic Nakada Wilson‘s self published books, Girl Poems (find Katie’s review here) and would love to have a similar experience again.

Obviously… Almost none of my readers understands Portuguese. Still, I share tons of stuff with you all and would like to keep doing so, so I will post this anyway.

And I am not sure if they will pick one of my poems there, even though it’s a small zine, but isn’t that a reason to be happy? A shout out to Vinícius S. Pessoa for sharing the news with me and for always being such a wonderful person.

The following poems are Beehives, Random Pony Tail Girl I Fell In Love With, Candy Apple and Nymphs.





A tua indiferença hoje envenena as águas

Que bebo da tua beleza.

As tuas melífluas palavras

São como mel num copo de chá e Cantarella.

Quero feri-la com minhas palavras, mas bem sei

Que ferrões e agulhas

Jamais ferirão tua fina pele


Então, juro para mim mesma

— Eu preferiria amar

Uma flor às portas da morte.

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