No hashtags

There’s a racist bald guy talking to his pal in front of me while we wait for the fireworks at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Priceless. Lol just wanted to share this and didn’t know where since I don’t have any social media. Couldn’t he pick another place to be a moron? 



Wish I had more hurtful words to say —

Anything that would cut us both so deeply 

I couldn’t say it to your face, but

My hate pool is shallow

As a bird bath fountain. 

Anything too terrible to speak

Is always said in front of a mirror

With dry lips and a tired face


I’m the meek

And the lamb, 

I am the doves of peace

Flying in confusion


Ignite my lost


My justified anger

Must be hiding somewhere

In the lonely depths of some blue ocean

Ready to resurface




This isn’t a poem…? I suppose I’m just venting. People get so revolted with me for not feeling angry when I should be… It’s tiring. I wish I could change because this characteristic can be a huge flaw too.


A heavy atmosphere paints

This room with violent colors. 

I could never be, and I never was

The things the dream lantern has guided me to become


The house collapses

Within itself

To bring out all the sealed souls

While I hide in the corner

With doubts condensed in my every tear —

I’m blinded by the light outside

Creeping on me from the tiny crevices




Keats, dead at twenty five;

De Azevedo was gone by twenty;

A myriad of other young talents

Falling like raindrops —

What am I doing with my life

Eating oatmeal at 2pm on a rainy day

In a lonely January? A few months

To meet the sixth year

Of my fall into

This assumed adulthood of chaos and cheap meals


Not a poem, I guess? More like a passing thought.

Ukrainian Girl (Thoughts)

Months ago, a train sent her down to

The silence of the dead,

But you still send her text messages

Thinking she will reply somehow

From the other side,

Where sunlight will never reach


Don’t you know

They have no wifi there

In the quiet depths? She will never respond,

But you need a friend on this side;

Tell me how to help you heal the wound

That will always stay open




Big eyed cherub,

Your clumsy arrows

Make hearts bleed

And stain high hopes red — my wishes

For tomorrow

Lie in someone else’s hands