Golden and Rose

Took these today





Just posting some beauty on my blog because I’m uninspired and the world feels ugly today…

One of my students got a tattoo of one of Mucha’s lovely paintings.

He didn’t even know who that was until I told him.

He told the tattoo artist that he wanted to get something… And that’s what the guy chose for him. It was simple as that.

(I wish I was like that sometimes)


We’re living in an open sea —

A thundering blue destiny

That always leads to nothing


You could be

The flower I was meant to be —

There’s petals falling off of me,

The sun is doing nothing



{Photo by Lira}



Love is like a butterfly; so brave, so

Fragile sometimes.

It landed on your shoulder,

But you’re not very fond of bugs.

You said no,

And scared it away. I saw

Your blue veins and pale

White skin.

I think I will never kiss

Your beautiful hands




Yes, I’m nostalgic today. Reposting this again after an entire year.


Photo: Man Ray (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1890–1976 Paris)

Disaster In Bloom

I was searching for a meaning,

Courage and a gun

When I found you 

In the middle of a disaster in bloom,

And every inexplicable detail suddenly made sense


Rain of petals and unfinished poems:

You were light in the late hours of my nights,

But eyes that reflect my face

Will never reflect the twilight ahead of us




Yes, I’ve been writing a lot today.


Our love was endless while it lasted

Vinícius de Moraes


I’m always reposting and retranslating this… I need to do the whole thing. I know this line isn’t enough, but it’s the most meaningful.


My mind tells me strangers think I look lonely,

But I blame today’s sky

For the sadness around me


Passersby and bystanders

Will never know that on a regular Monday,

Wandering around without an umbrella,

I stumbled upon the beginning of my life


Unruly heart,

Won’t you ever tell me

Where I should head to?

Maybe someday heavy clouds will fall down

To collide into us

And where I’m meant to be

Just doesn’t matter


Yesterday is gone —

All alone. Life has just begun

And the past doesn’t matter




I took some nice sky pictures today. Will post them all, eventually.



In the beginning, our lives collided

Swiftly and unpredictably,

Just like how tragedies are made


After the end of our universe,

What is left to desire?

A glance of dark green eyes

Hands that could never be held,

And goodbyes that remained unsaid —

I’m fragile, I’ve always been

So easy to hurt


Left under the manmade stars of a sky I secretly fear,

The vastness of my future terrifies me.

If this is sadness, I do not know.

I’m only longing for what I never had



Photo: Teatro Amazonas – Taken in Manaus, Brazil.

Yesterday’s Sky

Uncovering and discovering

All the things I’ve known all along

And thought I didn’t know at all…

On the road, moving forward

With my life and everything in between;

I’m still no one wondering if someday

You will know my name