Big eyed cherub,

Your clumsy arrows

Make hearts bleed

And stain high hopes red — my wishes

For tomorrow

Lie in someone else’s hands




Love will leave us bare

In the garden grove,

Wild and pure,

We could survive holding onto light.

If your body gives away

Underneath the weight of the world, it’s unforgiving.

Hands pull, clench all the life from us all,

And it takes,

And it takes…

Love will leave us bare,

But love will lead us there —

You were not created

For a world that keeps you small


Yvette Young



Shiny spheres of mumbled words

And shared secrets 

I will always regret telling you.

The pearls I found

When I swam in your eyes

And drowned in their blue

Have lost their value — tiny crystals

Of salt water

Reflect light to me,

And nothing more


I only remember you

When I selfishly wish

I could be embraced by comforting arms



City Tour Ramblings

Sunshine breaks through the clouds; in a dirty city

Where no one has time to breathe anymore.

Pollution or human nature?

Perhaps God is angry at us.

Maybe he’s long forgotten

About the people caught in the moment between now and eternity




Beating around reality,

Getting caught in the bush. 

Endymion sleeps without knowing:

I had a love I lost in the stratosphere.

We never said a word,

I bit holes in my cheeks. 

Tunneled to a sound you can’t make;

It’s a wave,

And like all waves,

It diminishes


Thank you, Ayde. Wouldn’t have found that without your comment. 

Imaginary Conversation II

Reading your palms as roads and maps

To your future and back; untold

Stories waiting to begin

And finally unfold —

I want to read every dubious word

Through the ways in your soul.

Going through your spirit

To protect you from your enemies

And the firing tongues — holding

Your hand through every half truth

And unfaithful hour







Imaginary Conversation

Roads into your arms, blue lines

Straight to your source of life, again —

As the night falls your light shines upon

All of us with its flawed perfection.

Tell me the words you’ve kept for yourself

Since the beginning of time

When I chose my desiny would be spent

On days holding on to you

In a distant memory, frozen in time —

Maybe you don’t deserve any more poems,

But a smile and a tight hug goodbye;

Imaginary conversations

Go endlessly in my head

As your distant light blinds all of us




Falling down

Just to meet the concrete —

Petals will always

Dance anyway




I wrote a really long poem, then realized I didn’t like it. So I deleted half and 90% of the words. But I like it a lot better now, hmm. So I’m good.

PS. How does one delete half (50%) and 90% at the same time? Lol I can’t with my own math. God, it’s 4am.