La fin de l’arc en ciel


Searching for the fading rainbow


ML de Oliveira



Words swim through the distance between us.

Smiles go back and forth

Around our thoughts

And on our faces.

Shining bright, this deep universe

Stays unnamed between the two of us




PS. Just a quick update to say I’m alright. Uninspired to the bone, but okay.

Life is good for once & only God knows why, but I feel so random:

I’m getting healthier. The sky was blue this morning. I still feed stray cats. Victor says hi, he’s made me feel really happy lately. I play mindless videogames now. And I just graduated. Let me enjoy not doing anything for a while. I’m gonna buy some ice cream tomorrow. And your engagement ring. Love is everywhere. Yes, life’s good right now.

Hopefully it will just get better and better.


Stretched Moment

You are everything

and everything is you

The streets,

the couple’s loving gaze,

delicious food,

new possibilities,

old memories,

the music that never ends,

the smell that refuses to go away

from my bed,

the night,

my dreams,

the moon,

the bus,

my guitar,

your songs,

the whiskey we last drank,

my face, you kissed,

my hand, on yours,

our lips, once locked,

still locked,

in memories,

All the traces of you

in my head,

and all that

you’ve touched

You, you, you

the world is possessed by you

I am but one of them

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