Stubborn tears, they never come —

There are nights

When they deny themselves;


Supposed to be stormy


And outside

The night falls dry

And warm,

Not knowing that we have a desert





Not a “poem” again, I guess. Just a random, loneliness fueled thought I transformed into one. Translated from one my posts in Portuguese (2nd blog).


3 thoughts on “Thought

  1. A very moving thought, my existence to a great extent has been enveloped with a similar feeling. There were times when I couldn’t cry even when I cringed inside with sorrow, that phase in my life made me realize that crying in itself is a luxury sometimes, thanks for sharing such a moving & emotional post! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them 😊

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    1. Hiya. I just read a couple of your posts, and the first thing I want to say is… That is a really cute baby picture!
      Thank you for your input on my poem. I think that feeling sad, but being unable to cry no matter how hard you try is something that happens to many of us. I haven’t cried yet, I’m still waiting for that sweet relief :P
      Thank you for comment, Sidharth.

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      1. Thanks lol for going through my poem (although I personally feel that in that pic I’m looking like a drunk midget 😂😂) & hope you smile forever rather than ever shedding tears.

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