Dreaming away

As I lie down by the lake,

In front of the city lights

When the breeze is blowing

And the heart is calm



Sickly Romantic (But Only Before Bed)

I thought I’d never remember

The shade of blue in her eyes,

But her face came to me smiling

In the memories I thought

I had left behind.

Tomorrow morning

I won’t remember you anymore,

But the morning sky

Will leave me sad

And wondering what the hell

I have been missing




I’m always out of ideas for titles. I usually solve the problem by picking a line from the poem, but sometimes I’ll just read it again and think “okay, what will I think about myself/that time when I read this again next month/year? …Ah, I’ll probably think THIS. Okay, that’s a smart title. Or maybe not. Anyway…”

I may change it later. We will see. Off to bed now!


The dark circles under my eyes tell the stories

Of my dreams —

Awake in the abyss of not feeling anything,

Inspired by the lack of sleep…

I have been looking for

Poetry lines in the numbness within me