Love is like a butterfly; so brave, so

Fragile sometimes.

It landed on your shoulder,

But you’re not very fond of bugs.

You said no,

And scared it away. I saw

Your blue veins and pale

White skin.

I think I will never kiss

Your beautiful hands




Yes, I’m nostalgic today. Reposting this again after an entire year.


Photo: Man Ray (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1890–1976 Paris)


7 thoughts on “Butterfly

    1. Hi there. I received your email, and emailed you back this morning. But I got an error message (twice). I’m not sure if you got my response though. Please check the Spam folder and let me know!

      PS- Thank you so much for everything you said.

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      1. Really? That’s weird. I don’t see it in my spam. You can send it to my alternate e-mail address instead…maybe you’ll have better luck? It’s ~edited~ :) And, you’re welcome. :) Look forward to hearing from you.


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