I don’t want to go to Heaven —
My heart is pleased with
The reality of not living forever.
Since the beginning,
I was meant to become
Less than a memory
Stone gods once adored,
Now left to exist
As unknown deities.
Faces, lifeless
And unloved
I’d rather never be remembered,
I’d rather just cease to be —
I came from oblivion,
I was not born to be afraid of the end


10 thoughts on “Oblivion

    1. I believe that the meaning of life and the possibility of an afterlife are questionable, so beliefs are personal. Being forgotten forever sounds like a good deal to me.


    1. Thank you so much. I think most people want to leave a legacy, maybe I will too, eventually. I have no idea. I think our words will stay though (unless I delete my blog, but I really doubt that!). People live through words even when they pass away.

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      1. That’s true! By the way, when you have enough poems and writings to complete that project, please, let me know! I’m super slow when it comes to keeping up with WordPress, so I don’t want to miss it!

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