My mind tells me strangers think I look lonely,

But I blame today’s sky

For the sadness around me


Passersby and bystanders

Will never know that on a regular Monday,

Wandering around without an umbrella,

I stumbled upon the beginning of my life


Unruly heart,

Won’t you ever tell me

Where I should head to?

Maybe someday heavy clouds will fall down

To collide into us

And where I’m meant to be

Just doesn’t matter


Yesterday is gone —

All alone. Life has just begun

And the past doesn’t matter




I took some nice sky pictures today. Will post them all, eventually.


4 thoughts on “Prelude

    1. Most of us are. Maybe the ones who leave their blogs and never post again are the people who get better. I don’t feel totally broken though — honestly, I feel like other people are broken. Me? Not anymore. Of course, my opinion about my very own self changes all the time. Maybe today’s just a positive day.

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