“Oh Lord, give me chastity… But not now”

The sunset faded away 

In the reminiscences of a twilight,

In the red braids 

Of the lady who rushed downstairs, desperate,

Running from a hotel room 

In the middle of the early hours 

Of a nice morning


It was late May, time for flowers.

Right in front of the ocean, the beach

Outside was blue… When she left through

The beautiful glass door

With detailed allegories — 

The god of the damned!


She breathed fresh air, 

Filling herself with the sky of May

And suddenly, while breathing in,

She realized an abyss — and jumping in

Without knowing where to go…

Life was beautiful outside

In an inexplicable way,

But she had faith in her naive confidence,

In the twilight of her red braid

And in the golden skin of an unmade sunset.



Sometimes I ask V to write poems with me and we just let things flow without really paying much attention to what we’re saying, causing a beautiful disaster that no one gets in the end. Each one of us writes a couple lines, then waits for the other to complete whatever the first one tried to say, even if unaware of what the hell was happening in the beginning… This explanation doesn’t make sense, does it? Oh… Well…

And, yes, this was translated (very poorly) by me.


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