The Lack Of A Rubber

Sometimes I wish I could’ve stopped my mother

From going to bed with my father

In Dec, 1991

On a trip to cold Chilean lands,

But I’m here today

Complaining about things I can’t change

And listening to Canadian new wave




23 thoughts on “The Lack Of A Rubber

      1. At least you seen to understand maps. I know that their south isn’t that far from here but my knowledge on American geography stops there.
        Where are you?

        I listened to a few songs. It’s nice, she has a pretty voice. I have to be in the mood for that type of music to truly enjoy it though; which I will do soon some of these days, thank you for the recommendation! Listening to silence right now.

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      2. Yes, it was. And why embarrassing? I live in the Amazon. Literally. I mean, in a huge metropolis in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, but still. I know you didn’t ask where I am, but before you do, I’m in the middle of a suburban nowhere.

        Do you wanna know what’s really embarrassing? The song I was listening yesterday. I’ll let you be the judge: google Platinum Blonde – Not in Love.
        Yes. I know. It’s bad. I’m guilty. I swear I mostly listen to good music.

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      3. Haha a little too synth pop for me, but the white leather is a nice touch. I guess embarrassing in the sense that americans can often be easily placated with fast food and shiny objects, while wholly oblivious to the effect of our foreign policy and the world at large. But I won’t say more in public, for fear of the watchful eye of our new supreme leader… (Also why I didn’t ask where your from.. haha). Do people leave town and take trips to explore the Amazon? I hiked a rainforest in Puerto Rico. That was pretty impressive, but no Amazon, I’m sure.

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      4. We’ll probably have one of our own supreme leaders here as well. The far right is coming. Not sure how I should feel about that.
        The US makes me think of Disney and guns. And coca cola. Flags. Apple pies. That type of stuff.
        I’m going to Orlando later this year (or the next, we shall see since I depend on someone to go with me), so I’m curious.
        Absolutely. The city itself isn’t that interesting, but you have to travel from here to get to the forest, obviously. I’ve helped so many lost tourists I can’t even remember how many I’ve met.

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      5. You should feel however your heart wishes. Brazil sounds amazing. And, yes, I think you’ll find all the things you’ve mentioned in Florida. Do you recommend visiting São Paulo? And, have you visited other countries in South or Central America?

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      6. I think that’s the problem. I usually avoid anything related to politics and would describe myself as apolitical if necessary — yes, I know we’re “political beings” just because we exist and coexist in societies and that I can’t fully avoid the world of politics, but you know what I’m saying. I just avoid it, mostly because I get angry with the things that are going on and seem unstoppable. I think you’ve noticed by now that I’m too slow to start a revolution myself. So having to think about it, and feeling angry with the things I’ve learned and seen… Hmmm. makes me pretty sad in the end. And that’s all my heart feels.

        São Paulo is huge and absolutely great if you like cultural activities, shopping, nightlife and the like. Lots of museums and galleries. So if you want to explore those, definitely.

        Only Venezuela, years and years ago. Take your car and drive for a couple days (okay, a little longer, probably. I can’t remember) and then you’re there.

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      7. I know what you mean. I have no interest in the “sport” of politics, wherein people chose a side, then memorize statistics so they can regurgitate data in the guise of debate. I just want to carve out my own little space where I am free to live my life the way that feels right to me. I suppose I prefer a little isolation, but within reach of a community so there’s coffee to be had when I feel like emerging.
        Hmmm, sounds like I’m on the fence about São Paulo. The museums and galleries have my curiosity piqued, but I can do without the nightlife and crowds haha. Thanks for the info. I’m very curios about “far off places.”

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      8. You’re welcome. I get that; crowds make me feel nervous and I couldn’t care less about nightclubs and big parties. São Paulo is an amazing city, it’s full of life, but… It’s just a big city, you know? If it’s your first time in Brazil, a nice city with beaches and nature would be more interesting, maybe. I don’t think I’d tell a “gringo” to visit São Paulo if that is his first time in Brazil, mostly because places like Ceará, Rio de Janeiro (not only the city itself, but the state) and other cities have tons of stuff you won’t see anywhere else. I mean, every museum is unique, yes, but aren’t museums everywhere…?

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      9. Yes, I suppose you’re right about the museums. (But I’d still visit a few if I were there…) I’ve never been to Florida, so I can’t offer any helpful recommendations. The Everglades sound interesting to me, but I don’t supposed tropical ecosystems hold much novelty for you. To my understanding, it’s not exactly a hub of culture. But there is plenty of Coke and Micky Mouse…

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      10. Haha, oh wait. I wouldn’t choose that exactly place if I had the chance to choose; I’m not chasing the American dream with Mickey Mouse, okay? But someone wants to pay for my trip and if it’s free then I’m taking it (do I sound desperate now?).
        I’ve never really wanted to go to the US, not sure why. I’ve always liked English, and that’s why I decided to learn it, pretty much on my own. But I never thought about going to America. Now I do, but if I was told no, that would be okay. I should visit before the wall is up. It can be too late after that.

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      11. Hell yes, take the free trip! Even if it’s not your first choice, there is always much wisdom to gain from travel. Haha well, you’re not traveling from a “Muslim Majority” country, so you should be able to get in. But he might try to make you build the wall, since he thinks all brown people are form Mexico… Sad times. Where would your first choice be to travel to?

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      12. I can’t even choose one, the list is so long. I probably stood here for 5 min thinking about the answer. I’ll probably be traditional and go to England first because I’ve wanted to go there since I was a teen and would like to see someone I know who lives there.
        I am pretty sure you wouldn’t be able to tell where I’m from if you saw me because I come from families from different cultures. I’m white (tons of Brazilians are white; or white passing, if you wish), but I do have an accent (my friends lie and say my accent is mild but I don’t buy that). I think that means I’d get a kick in the butt and be told to leave. Unrelated, but I was told by someone that white latinas are boring.

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      13. haha I guess I made a typical, ignorant gringo assumption in thinking you were “brown” because you’re from South America and speak Portuguese. Sorry. At least it’s good practice dealing with ignorance before you travel here! My skin is somewhat pale, but my ethnicity is grief.
        You can be as boring as you want, because your poetry is anything but. It probably isn’t possible for anybody to physically embody the passion that screams form your words, without combusting into fireworks. Oh, you’ll probably see some of those in Florida, too…

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      14. You’re just feeding my pretentiousness, you know? I get so full of myself when it is fed. Ah, I write tons of nonsense sometimes. I think I do that because I try to be “unfiltered” — I also do that when I’m talking to people, so… Ignore me if I ever say something silly or strange. I’m so glad you like my writing style. I went through your blog yesterday (was yesterday the day we started chatting?), but it’s still relatively new, right?
        It’s all good, haha. How would you know? Brazil is such a melting pot. We have the biggest Japanese, Lebanese and German communities outside of their respective countries. I mean, no one would’ve known that unless you were a local.
        You’re a gringo but you don’t seem ignorant, you seem the very opposite. And you didn’t greet me in Spanish! Those are the worst.

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      15. It just resonates with me, is all. Struck a chord. But, what do I know about poetry?. Maybe I have terrible taste haha! Thanks, yea brand new blog. A few old ones, but mostly brand new cathartic stuff I’m writing daily. I’ll put some short stories up soon, and maybe some essays. Poetry is not even necessarily an interest of mine, but I shouldn’t speak too much on that here hehe. It just happens. It as if I don’t have a choice. It just arrives through me. Hopefully I’m just schizophrenic. Then I can imagine my career is taking off. Are you interested in publishing? I could think of a few journals that your stuff would compliment rather well.

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      16. I’d love to read your short stories. I’m always looking for new ones.
        Yeah, catharsis. That’s the main reason why I started my blog. I’ve been writing poems since I was really young, but never took myself too seriously. I wasn’t really thinking about sharing my art, I just wanted a place to rant. Good times. December, 2015. Life was terrible, but this blog helped me so much. A couple months ago I deleted most of my rants because, you know, people try to move on with their lives and leave past things behind during the holidays. I don’t even know how this blog turned into a “poetry” blog, but it did. And yes, I am interested in publishing. It’s not one of my goals, but I’d love to.
        I’m really sleepy so if I don’t respond that means I crashed and will be back tomorrow.

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      17. January 2017. Found myself in some familiar territory, though it had been a while. Life is a son if a bitch, most of the time. I hope you are heading toward peace and contentment. Oh, yea, must be very late there. Have a restful night.

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      18. It’s not even one yet, so no worries. I’m just tired because I had to work today.
        Thank you. I hope yours is heading toward the same. I’m still way too far from peace and contentment but the storm is gone. And have a good night of sleep!

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