Cheap Bedtime Existentialism

When asked if you would pick cake or death,

Just go for the sweetest one.

I’d finish a piece and an Espresso

While waiting for the gates of Hell to open for me.

Fifteen years in the future, and maybe

I’ll get both and die from diabetes

After cursing god and regretting it

During every New Year’s Eve spent alone


Camus would understand the value 

Of a good cup of caffeine. Even a well planned 

Suicide can wait.

Marriage, eventually, will only bring sorrow…

Yet my heart

Has made me a bitter bachelorette


Will I live long enough to bring myself

To ever pray again?

If god is real

When will he send me away to where

No light can ever reach?




6 thoughts on “Cheap Bedtime Existentialism

  1. I strongly suspect that if God is real, both he AND you will be made of light; so wherever you are, there will always be light.

    And by the way, a strong espresso & (several pieces of…) cake are a quite acceptable way to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Who needs anything(/one) else?

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  2. It had to be you the person in my life who wants to go where no light can ever reach. The thing is, God, as portrayed in christian bible, first created the light, and then he saw that light was good, and made it persists. But, what happened during the time light wasn’t good yet?

    Take care, Lira.

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    1. Haha. Yep, it had to be me. I think I meant a literal place, though. Like, um, a coffin buried six feet under? I don’t even know what I mean sometimes when I am writing.
      Take care too!


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