I’ve brought to life

Secrets I am ashamed of.

I’d never tell you, but

My hands were never held


Sealed chrysalides rot inside out —

Depths never too dark, yet never filled

With light.

No, my hands were never held


My truths are now open —

Against my flesh, I’ve never felt

The beauty of an aggressive love


I’ve made many promises

That were born to be broken;

And here,

In my own skin,

I am still terrified




9 thoughts on “Inside

      1. I agree. Though I think my deepest secrets aren’t even unsavory, truly embarrassing or strange. I am the type of person who feels shame for the smallest things. Silly, isn’t it?

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      2. Oh, I see. That was not exactly what I got the first time when you said unsavory; I just thought it meant unpleasant or off putting, not necessarily insignificant as you thought, but now I get what you’re saying.

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