The Terrifying Bio: Writing About Myself

Someone asked me to write a bio for someone else’s blog. A Lira bio. Yes, that was tough. I’m posting this because I have no idea what I’m doing. Why is it so easy to talk about myself when I’m writing poems, but scary when I have to be direct? Maybe I will never know for sure, but I suspect that shyness and self consciousness may be involved.

Lira is a 24 year old Brazilian teacher who likes confessional poetry, lazy cats, jazz and bossa nova. When asked who is her favorite poet, she will answer “Paul Éluard, of course!”, but after leaving the room, she will ask herself if she should have answered Machado de Assis, Florbela Espanca or Baudelaire. Éluard definitely owns her heart, but she has many lovers.

Okay, that was tough — writing in third person is probably not my cup of tea.

But, in a few words, I’d say that is exactly who I am: a confessional poet who loves teaching and nice music. I’m also particularly passionate about punctuation; I do my own thing when I write poems. Well, at least I like to think I do my own thing, but I’m sure tons of quiet poets around the globe are particularly attached to their commas, semicolons and seemingly — but actually extremely planned and necessary — dashes.

Writing has always been one of the most meaningful things in my life. It’s been a great medicine and also a beautiful punching bag. My blog was, and still is, my personal savior.

I never really took proper English classes while growing up, so I had to self teach myself through books and films. Over a decade later and here I am, wondering if my vocabulary is as wide as I wish it was, and if my grammar is correct or not. I think that a few mistakes can add some charm to my writing, though.

Back to that strange third person:

When Lira isn’t writing about all the beautiful women she meets during her daily wanderings, she’ll talk about clouds and sirens; all kinds of handsome and charming men, and relive bits of her childhood through blue and red nostalgia. She is a shy girl in real life, but I consider her as a loud thunder when she writes through my soul and heart. And no, Lira is absolutely not pretentious. Not even a bit.




5 thoughts on “The Terrifying Bio: Writing About Myself

  1. I was glad to find this “extended bio.” Didn’t know what bossa nova music was, so I’m listening to a playlist on YouTube. By the way — is that actually your eye in your other bio? If it is, you have a beautiful eye. *cough*

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    1. Thank you so much. Yes, that’s my eye. And believe it or not, I’ve got TWO. So two beautiful eyes, miss.

      Do you like bossa nova or do you think it’s too sad? Some are very jazzy.

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      1. I’ve actually always been fond of jazz. The American kind, obviously. I love Frank Sinatra and Glenn Miller. In high school, somebody told me that the eclectic mix on my MP3 player made me seem like I had multiple-personality disorder.

        If I saw both your eyes at the same time I think my knees would give out. If that’s not too forward.

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      2. But you’re looking at them, just look at my Gravatar. Hahaha. Thank you.

        I really like Sinatra too, I even have his portrait in my room (and one of Morrissey, I love him!). I’ll send you pictures later tonight when I answer your email so you can see my obsession for yourself.

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