Random Pony Tail Girl I Fell In Love With

Pony tail and pale, thin lips.

A modern Greek statue with the smell of brownies and tiny, small feet — 




Slender fingers; clothes, black and white

And smiles to everyone around, but me.

Tall with a 60’s feeling;

Big brown eyes. The curled eyelashes…

She sat next to me on a Friday,

Unaware of our rushed romance,

Unaware of all my unsaid, pulsating words

Under the clouds of a rainy day


I’d ask you out if… If… 

Well, I probably did

In a parallel universe, far from here… 

Yes, I’ve asked you out — today and forever


You and all the girls I randomly fell in love with


Getting up was the hardest part, pretty —

I left you behind with silence and a wish






7 thoughts on “Random Pony Tail Girl I Fell In Love With

      1. “In a parallel universe, far from here… ” Doesn’t this make you wonder if there really are parallel universes, where each reflects a possible response to every situation we’ve ever encountered? (That would be a WHOLE LOT of universes!)

        In one universe, you asked her out and she accepted. In another, you said nothing but just gave her a mysterious kiss on the cheek as you walked away. In a third universe, you dumped your cappucino on her head for ignoring you. In a fourth universe………..

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      2. Girls are for this universe, I’m attracted to them like a firefly is attracted to…Light? But our “love” never lasts, never. Boys have always loved me harder. And, with the exception of one person, I’ve always loved them harder too. I wonder where he is, in what parallel universe we’re finding each other right now. Sorry, I’ve had too much coffee and meds.

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