A Feline Student

A cutie I found in class today. She even took a brief nap before leaving. She’s always on campus; everyone loves her. I wish someone would adopt her though. ):


9 thoughts on “A Feline Student

      1. “Mary had a little lamb,
        its fleece was white as snow
        Everywhere that Mary went,
        the lamb was sure to go”

        Lira had a little cat,
        its fur was striped & gray
        Everywhere that Lira went,
        the darn cat was in the way

        They followed them to school one day,
        which was against the rules
        “It made the children laugh and play”
        to see a lamb & cat at school

        And so the teacher turned them out,
        but still they lingered near
        Until Meow said, “let’s blow this joint”
        and they left to get a beer.

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