Every Cell

I’ve forgotten all the things 

My heart still remembers.

You’ve been dragged out of me —

Soul and every cell


Life has made the dream colored desire 

So bitter and dull.

Every season brought 

A new reason to let go

Of my favorite smile


Copies of you walk by — I feel you

In the duration of a sigh.


In the memories buried for months.

Carbon copies, semi-truths —

I see you

In all the men I will never sleep with





Fall upon me with all the strength I’ve never known,

Bury your claws in my skin.

Bleed the fever

That lights up the world


Fever that lies to death,

Fever that traps all luck;

Such warm, lying fever.

A fever to kill you without a feeling.

Fever to make me doubt my humanness 


Vinícius Pessoa

Loosely translated by Lira




​My heart has hardened… Silver

Moons float up on a circular flow.

Rosy clouds come into the ghostly sphere.

My heart has hardened — the Cupid’s bow

Should stay untouched and sealed