Your indifference poisons the water

That I drink from your beauty.

Your mellifluous words are honey in

A cup of tea and Cantarella.

I want to hurt you with my words, but I know

That these stings and needles

Cannot cut your paper thin skin


So I swear to myself

— I’d rather love a dying flower


Muse, I don’t know

How long I’ll stay thirsty; how long will I

Care about this garden?

Nothing can make you love me, but what

Can make you lose me?

Water my love everyday — kill me little by little


Patterns of beehives — I fly around her

As if she was a pretty lily.

I beg her to

Water my love everyday




I told myself that I’d occasionally repost some of my old material, so…

I hope you enjoy my poem Beehives & Rosa e Lírio (Rose and Lily).

This is probably the second or third time I repost this poem. Oh, just checked. Third. And not the last.

It’s definitely one of the poems of my life, not because I think it is beautiful, but because it speaks to my soul and my current self regardless of time or what I am living. If that is somehow a good thing, I will never know…


Meu amor se foi. As pétalas secaram e cairam. Sem palavras doces, sem lírios. Este é um novo mundo — terra sem musas de olhos d’água ou rapazes sorrindo sonhos futuros.

C’est fini.

As abelhas de mel voaram para longe daqui.


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