A Tree in Autumn

Just sharing a beautiful poem posted by T, the cowboy.


A leaf breaks away
and floats gently to the ground
Another drops off
and whirls lazily around

As each one falls,
the tree stands a little lighter
As branches slowly bare,
rays shine through a little brighter

The tree sighs and stretches,
“I feel so alive, a bit lonely but free!”
“My children have blown away,
There’s nothing left to worry me”

Suddenly it stops in surprise,
a thought has struck anew
“Where are all my friends?
Perhaps they’ve flown away too?”

“The robin, the sparrow,
the bluebird, the cat —
What infamy is this!
I wonder where they’re at?”

It ponders the puzzle in silence
as the drizzle turns to snow
Autumn turns to winter,
the earth now barren and cold

But soon a red bird, a snow bird,
a rabbit come to call
Finally it hardly misses
its old friends much at all

Seasons come and go,

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