Unprepared to the bone, I was out of excuses

When she asked me out with a heartwarming smile


Not much hope for a relationship with someone 

Who prefers dogs to cats… Whose profound depths and sad beauty

Are as shallow as a plate of bland soup


Hold on, where am I? Still crying for Lily

Every week after almost six months?

After rereading words written in March,

Thinking of blue eyes and Lancashire…

Trips to Ireland and back,

Am I still in the same place? Am I lost?




My yes sounds like a shy

“Not really looking forward to that”

But I’m not in a good place to say no

To a brunette with good intentions


I’ve failed to justify and validate

My reasons to decline and stay home

Next Friday night at eight.

I’ve failed to listen to myself… We both know

I should book a flight tomorrow morning




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