Baby Manatees


For the memories… These are the baby manatees I met yesterday (INPA – Manaus, AM, Brazil)



15 thoughts on “Baby Manatees

      1. Manatees are herbivores and eat over 60 different freshwater ( e.g. floating hyacinth, pickerel weed, alligator weed, water lettuce, hydrilla, water celery, musk grass, mangrove leaves) and saltwater plants (e.g. sea grasses, shoal grass, manatee grass, turtle grass, widgeon grass, sea clover, and marine algae).

        Ain’t I smart?

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  1. Love manatees. They are the best part of living in the heat and humidity of Florida. But it is always sad to see their backs scarred by boat propellers. They are so friendly that they swim up to boats and get severely hurt or killed. I keep hoping they learn that noise from a boat means danger…

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    1. Yes, they’re so incredibly friendly, that surprised me haha. It’s really sad to know they get hurt or killed like that, I didn’t know that happened. Thank you for your comment, poeturja.

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