Comment Section Drama

Neo-feminist says the movement can’t help women anyway!

In those “third world countries that no one

Gives a flying sh1t about”

What could they ever do to help?


“Let’s mind our own business, let’s fight 

Against the Western rape culture and these 

Sexist emojis” — but what about 

Social media? Through written words 

Crying was heard.

Our people, screaming  louder,

Made leaders themselves change their very laws




Ah, I don’t know why… Why do I bother

To type for two straight minutes 

A failed attempt to wake you up? 

Why do I stress myself out if I know that

In the hands of willful ignorants

The power of our post modern weapon is forgotten 

In a sea of narcissistic selfies and sick porn?



I guess I had to vent.


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