To See The Sea

Sand to make glass. Glass to

Hurt people… Untold memories of when

I watched pale sand

Slip through my fingers and

Come back as unstoppable tides


My imagination

Carries my heart away to that

Childhood beach.

— When people fall

They shatter like glass


You slip through my fingers

Cutting my skin, but my memory

Doesn’t see the end of the sea —

I close my eyes to go back to the

Childhood beach.

Sand to make glass; glass to hurt


The sea kept my memories

Dancing in its waves.

Glass to hurt people…

Shattered lives

Fall like grains of sand


I will never return to the sea




I miss the day when I posted this poem for the first time because we were still close friends, Y. Things are way better now, but you’re what I miss the most from that era. You were a ray of happiness.
I’m here listening to sad bossa nova and trying to regain some courage to draw and paint again. I need to find my inner muse… She’s probably sinking somewhere in the ocean.


43 thoughts on “To See The Sea

      1. No dying today, T. Oh, by the way, my sleep paralysis episodes usually last less than one minute. Sorry, I forgot to answer that earlier.


    1. I think you missed it (but I don’t even remember when I changed it!)

      And I’m purple, isn’t that cool?

      I like your avatar, it makes me smile whenever I see it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My avatar reminds me of Garfield. Maybe I should change my WP name to that.

        Speaking of lightning, we were suppose to get thunderstorms here this evening. But NOTHING but clear skies, heat and humidity. I feel so cheated.


      2. We get thunderstorms all the time here. I love them. Clear skies are boring.

        There’s this classic story in the family about my mom’s great grandma being struck by lightning and surviving it… Not only, no… But twice.

        Talking about cats: when I woke up last night after my dream about the universe and spaceships, I randomly googled “cats in space” and found a whole new world.
        Cats in space dancing with pizza and burritos. Just typing the last sentence made me sound high.


  1. Personally, I would not want to be around a cat that has been eating pizza and burritos. They’re bad enough just on their “normal food”. :(

    When I was a kid (yes, younger than you), I remember a Disney movie, called “The Cat from Outer Space”. Don’t remember if he ate burritos and pizza, but it had telekenetic powers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “Younger than you” — as if you had ever been younger than me, T.

      I just found this:
      “A UFO is stranded on earth and impounded by the US government. Its pilot, a cat with a collar that has special powers, including the ability to allow the cat to communicate with humans, has eluded the authorities and needs the help of a man named Frank in order to reclaim and repair his ship to get back home”

      So this is what happens when Disney tries to make a sci-fi. Hmm.


      1. I had no idea who you were talking about, so I googled her name. She’s still pretty cute.

        How can you be less mature than me if I was looking for space cats pictures last night? I think that’s impossible.


  2. She was in that movie, but I guess you just Googled it and didn’t go to imdb dot com, which has pics too.

    Well, at least with space cats, you’ve graduated from the Power Puff gals!


    1. Are you suggesting that she’s not cute anymore…? Let me go to imdb.

      Ahh, but I still like PPG. I don’t watch it anymore, but I do like the show… I was Bubbles.


      1. Did you know she was born in the 40s?

        No, I haven’t reached that level yet. So you shave your own head, huh? I cut my own bangs sometimes, it’s always a disaster.


      1. Yes!

        Why haven’t you posted anymore? Hm?

        Atheist god, help me not to read that forum anymore. Seriously, I get upset/shocked whenever I go back.


  3. That’s typical. Women always want to be right. ;p

    I haven’t posted in a while because last Tstorm, my muse was struck and killed by lightning. (figures – it gets off easy, while I’m stuck here on this f’ing planet with no inspiraton)

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    1. Men saying that women always want to be right. Typical!

      You could always get inspiration from one of my poems like you did last time. Oh, wait. Never mind.


      1. Derivative inspiration is kind of like plagiarism. Better to get inspired from reading my old stuff. As John Denver once said: “To steal from someone else is plagiarism; to steal from yourself is style.”

        But of course, then I risk repeating myself, which isn’t good either.


      2. So post your old stuff! I haven’t received any emails from your caubói site in a long time.

        I repeat myself all the time. Maybe that’s not good, yes, but I’ve been lacking imagination (well, kind of… I have a lot to say, but I can’t focus long enough to write anything if that makes any sense…). I’m sure my imagination will flourish again in Ireland.

        I am a victim of acute sweet tooth. I want cake. I really want some cake.


      3. T, do you like bossa nova or do you think it’s elevator music? I’m creating a new YouTube playlist. I think I will share it with you once it’s ready.


  4. So sneak out and go to the mall for cake. (unless everything’s closed now)

    On the one hand, bossa nova is kind of relaxing. On the other, it is kind of like elevator music. But then I also have been known to listen to Yanni. I think you sent me a playlist once, but it got buried in my email folders before I could listen to much of it.


      1. I don’t think they really “sing” …

        I’m looking for a song that won’t make you fall asleep. Okay, maybe bossa is a bit slow.


      2. Not even Shakespeare could have written these lyrics:

        “She’s friends with my wife

        But is always hitting on me

        Anyway, anyway!

        If she was ugly it would be okay,

        But beautiful women mess up with my heart!

        Oh if she was ugly it would be okay!”


      3. “Love is prose, sex is poetry

        Love is Christian, sex is pagan

        Love is bossa nova, sex is Carnaval


        Now I need to wolf down some cake.

        I’m going to bed in 15 min, T. Yawn.


    1. That was something I found while looking for upbeat bossa nova. I think upbeat bossa doesn’t really exist.
      The melody was nice and he was really singing, but I can’t stand the lyrics.


    1. Isn’t her voice beautiful? Sigh sigh sigh.

      She’s probably in her 70s, but her voice doesn’t age. Oh my god.

      If you ask my 6 year old students (from my student teaching class, not my actual students, who are almost my age) what is sex, they will say: “sex? It is if you’re a boy or a girl”

      I’m going to bed now.

      Sweet dreams, T! Stay away from thunderstorms.


      1. Surprisingly, some thunderstorms appear to be bubbling up a little closer. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Maybe I’ll go sleep on the roof tonight.

        Good night, Lira M. Don’t feed the cats in outer space.


      2. Hey, you don’t have my permission to die. I thought we were going to wait for a black hole. (I wonder what happened to Ironman22!)

        Night, Tom the Cowboy.


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