The love of men devours everything in its endless hunger —

A love born to be

The destroyer of liberty


The madness of angels

And their incomprehensible gifts

Are blessings from the gods themselves:


To the living


Vinícius S. Pessoa
(Fragmento de um poema sem título)
Translation: Lira


4 thoughts on ““Liberticide”

  1. “The love of men devours everything in its endless hunger ”

    I’m not sure if this is what you’re going for. But from what I have come to believe about love and therefore see this a semblance of this message in this poem, in the line quoted especailly, love can be just as destructive as hate.

    I used to believe love and hate were complete opposites, I should have learned long ago nothing is ever that simple in the abstract world of human emotions, the moment I thought to myself “Never trust a dichotomy”

    But love and hate can sometimes look the same, blurring the line between what each one is meant to be. Plus you can’t have one without the other and I think one can feed the other.

    For example if someone worships someone, there is an adoration there that if that person or thing they worshop is to tell them to hate a group of people, their love and worship of that person or thing may well drive them to hate.

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    1. Thank you for your comment.

      I didn’t write this poem myself, I just translated it.
      Vinícius S. Pessoa is a good friend of mine, I could ask him what is the true meaning behind the love of men, but that could ruin the feeling I get from Liberticide. I suppose the “love” he mentions is actually some form of hedonism.

      I do agree that love and hate are
      two parts of the same, although they are said to be complete opposites (I personally think that the opposite of love is indifference, but what do I know?).

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      1. the idea of indifference hadn’t occured to me actually.

        An early thought on indifference is, perhaps we’d actually be better off if more people were just indifferent. I realise that might sound really horrible, especially when indifference is defined as a “lack of interest, concern, or sympathy.” in the dictionary. Wouldn’t a world without sympathy and concern be worse? Is one of the first questions that pops to mind. But then if you consider that if people were more indifferent there would be less hate, it becomes less bleak of an idea.

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      2. Even though the words sympathy and concern sound nice, they usually don’t last long in real life. Empathy, maybe.
        I’d probably choose an “indifferent” world over the current one if I had the chance.


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