I’ve lost my faith in love,

But before the beginning of the end,

I met your silence.

My heart screams inside of my chest —

I whisper the last time. My lungs

Are filled with the air of a lonely room


I’ve lost my faith in love.

I’ve lost my faith in everything




12 thoughts on “Faith

  1. I’ve been in that place where I lost faith in love – until I realized that I was looking for love in all the wrong places. I honestly believe that, in the end, the best kind of love is self-love. It’s something we can give to ourselves throughout our entire lives. It’s not dependent on the whims of others. Love from others can wax and wane; it can be beautiful when things are going well, but it can also be very unpredictable and unreliable – and sometimes even ugly. Losing faith in love doesn’t have to lead to losing faith in everything. I’ve filled my empty spaces with a love for nature, particularly plants, and by giving to others. I have no expectations any more, but what I do is rewarding. Being one with nature gives me a sense of peace…

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    1. Thank you for this beautiful comment. I agree that self-love and kindness are the best things we can have within ourselves. I’m just dealing with a lot of stress, and sometimes the bad feelings I keep inside of myself become poems. I think that everything means more than love — it’s more like losing many of your good feelings, and then getting them replaced by fake optimism (with my psych meds), or complete numbness.

      Oh god, I don’t even know why I’m venting now, hahaha!

      Thank you, Kathy for your comment.

      Hopefully this bad phase is going to end soon.


  2. I hope so. I know what you mean about the meds. I often feel that mine are mind-numbing as well. There’s nothing wrong with venting. I could write a tome if I got started. :) Keep on keepin`on. Hugs.

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  3. Sometimes, the reason we lose something is so that we can be open to finding something better.

    What’s better than faith?

    I don’t know yet. I’ve never been told because people are so afraid to lose faith, and so cling to it or latch onto it once again as quickly as possible; but now that I’ve lost faith, I can now discover what’s better than faith for myself. :)

    (Damn, maybe I should’ve put that into a poem and posted it on my blog. Haha.)

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    1. That’s absolutely true. I think I’ve lost my own faith only to regain it later, or rediscover what I really want, etc. And you should post it on your blog! (:
      Thank you for commenting, Gabriel.

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