Faux Vulgarity

Walking down the street,

Breathing in somebody’s cigarette smoke,

Dazzled by the scent of slow death and nicotine,

I remember that I don’t have a father —

I’m technically a bastard, but

Pardon my elevated self esteem: I have a baby doll

Face, anyway. People say

I’m gonna go places while I take my daily



Walking down the street, I remember

That girl’s kiss. Her fingers, her

Naked body, her tongue…

And the fact that I haven’t slept

With my boyfriend yet


I’m trapped in the horizon.

I can’t stop staring at this gorgeous

View… It’s a cloudy afternoon


I smile. No, I don’t know why.

I just wonder

If anyone’s really normal at this point.

I sigh because everything seems so mundane




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