The Accidental Children

Accidental children run and smile;

Slide down rainbows and meet the chaos of a gray world.

Little children…

They’re still oblivious to the tragedies we bleed


Maybe they don’t know anything else, but each other

And the sun


They yell and shout just because they’re alive



10 thoughts on “The Accidental Children

  1. It’s too bad that little children have to leave “oblivion” and grow up. And realize they were lied to by adults about how life actually is and what’s actually possible for them to achieve. Anyone who’s smart would choose to never grow up, or to leave life before becoming an adult.

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    1. There’s still option number three, though… Never losing your inner child.
      But that’s the hardest option, Cowboy. Hugs. I’m feeling like a grown up today… Sigh.


    1. You know, K told me that CFA is doing this super cute thing. Kids come in their PJs with stuffed animals. They eat and have fun and all that and then leave the stuffed animals there overnight… And the employees set them up to make it look like they’re doing different, fun things and take pictures… And in the morning the kids come back and get the pictures and animals.

      PS. Do you want me to send some antidepressants, T?


      1. (Un)fortunately, even if you take 1000000 pills, you won’t OD on it. My psych let me know beforehand. Let’s say you’re “lucky” and pass out… All you will get will be a coma, which you might wake up from. Anyway, what a morbid chat, T.
        Tsk, tsk

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