Bye, Bye, Birdie

I love Phantasmagoria’s poems. Just sharing one of her mind blowing pieces.


I saw a bird dying today
in a busy parking garage
It lay there in a tiny tuft
in the dirt

People – whole crowds of them –
passed its delicate little corpse,
and losing the whole world
as it is
right before our eyes

People stepped over the little bird dying,
rushed and unconcerned
Birdie twitched pathetically
with its neck sunken into itself
Its tiny bird eyes blind and filmed
with the gray cataracts of mortality

I found myself punctured with a sudden,
violent urge
to stomp the little thing to death
Indifference was more gruesome,
more gracefully disturbing
than Birdie’s broken body
or the thought of stomping it
into the white light

Walking away would mean that Birdie would die

I had to catch my bus
and I did not want to touch it

Bye, bye, Birdie

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