The Liebster Award

Thank you for nominating me, Girlpoems. (:

Not sure if people would like to know more about the little imp who runs this blog, but answering your questions was pretty fun.

1. Do you have a special, designated place to write in?

Not really, but I guess I have to say my bedroom. I literally live among stacks of books (I apparently don’t understand what the word “bookshelf” means…), unfinished paintings, sketches and drawings. Some dirty clothes on the floor… Ew.

Not to mention the shocking amount of homework that I need to correct every week.
It’s a chaotic place, but I enjoy the vibe I get from being here. I let my imagination fly pretty high.

2. What’s your favorite music to listen to while writing?

Ah, gosh. Well, I listen to many things — from Björk to Placebo. I’m actually listening to Placebo right now.

I’m still in love with The Smiths. I don’t think that will change anytime soon.
I’ve been listening to Sóley, Emiliana Torrini and Agnes Obel lately. I also love Rita Lee (especially her old records), one of my favorite Brazilian singers. Also, the band Legião Urbana… Always.
My friends say that most of my music makes them want to sleep. I think the type of music I like is meant to make you dream better. Think better, also. I love random instrumental music. The harp is my favorite.

3. If you were stuck eating the same thing for a week what would it be?

I love food, so that’s hard to answer… Well, onion soup. Yes. Onion soup. Garlicky, if possible.

4. Do you favor circles or squares more?

Tricky. I guess I will answer circles. You know, there’s a myriad of meanings behind them. Also, the moon is a circle… And so is the sun. So are beautiful rings.

5. Wolves or Lions?

Lions because they’re felines — and I love cats.

6. Would you say death is a part of life or the opposite of?

A part of life (go back to answer number 4)… A circular, cyclical, never ending part of life. In my opinion, I will spend my afterlife sleeping a dreamless death. It doesn’t seem that bad to me as it probably sounds to you.

7. What animation do you favor?

I’m still asking myself how to answer this one, so I’ll skip it and move to the question about wine.

8. Wine or beer?

Wine. Hands down (although I rarely drink!).

9. Chocolate  or Skittles?

Chocolate. Hands down again.

10. What do you do to chill out?

Besides the obvious combo (read-sleep-draw), I like to spend time with my nephew, or go out with my friend F. That girl knows how to enjoy life to its fullest without acting like a maniac. Haha. We walk very, very slowly to the mall, take a look at expensive clothes (and never buy them!), end up visiting bookshops at least two or three times a day, and always some nice food in the end.


“For those who don’t know yet, the Liebster Award is an online award for bloggers to gain more support and recognition, and just to get to know the person behind the blogger. It also helps others to discover new blogs and to build a sense of community in the blogging world.”

Here are the rules:

Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you;
Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you;
Nominate bloggers that you think are deserving of the award but more importantly help to promote newer bloggers with fewer followers;
Let the bloggers know you nominated them;
Give them 11 questions of your own.


I’m nominating the following blogs:

A Thought Within A Thought

Moonlight And Summer

This Cowboy Can’t Sing

A Floating Speck


These are my questions:

1. In your opinion, what’s the best poem/picture you ever posted? You can share the link here.

2. Your favorite song? Yes, ONE. Choose wisely.

3. This one is pretty silly, but it’s a classic: you’re going to spend the rest of your life stuck on a desert island. You can take one person with you. Who would it be?

4. Question number three again, but now with a twist: what book would you take with you?

5. What’s your favorite movie?

6. If you could be a fictional character, who would you be?

7. What’s the biggest source of inspiration behind your blog?

8. Please, say that you love garlic just as much as I do.

9. This is an important question: are you a dog or a cat person?

10. You are very tired and the weather looks terrible. However, you had planned to meet up with a friend. Do you go anyway, or do you call to say you can’t?

11. Share one of your small, unharmful secrets with us. Yep, you can’t skip the question.


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