I’m Not A Smoker, But

Now I take deep breaths — the dancing,

Enchanting smoke

Of your cheap cigarettes

Doesn’t scare my healthy lungs.

I have nothing against

An early death with you,

Momentary muse


Look at the horizon all around us;

I bet one of those vibrant colors

Matches the little lipstick on your

Thin, invisible lips. You seem

So shy when you smile;

Funny how it makes me

Smile, too


I swear that my heart

Doesn’t want to sing,

Or poetize this moment

With its blunt romance.

I don’t want to be corny,

I don’t want to say anything. My love

Will soon disappear — twenty minutes

After we leave



I promise I won’t say

I wish I could paint your laughter,

And make you eternal:

Your hair against the wind,

Your skin against the sunlight

Of a sudden dawn


You’re a living watercolor



But we’re just two mortal women

— One, a romantic!

The other, a smoker —

Sharing thoughts about this world

With some toxic smoke around us


I inhale this inspiring air:

I pretend to forget about the rest

Of this cancerous infatuation




Reposting this while listening to The Smiths and asking myself if I can skip the day tomorrow. Not work, not class. I mean, the entire day.


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