Flowering Tree

They say that poets are

Cursed artists. I am not sure if that’s true, but

My empty pockets tell a story with

Their silence — I guess

I should start writing romances, otherwise

I will starve to death


At least I hope to be buried

Next to a gorgeous tree; hopefully,

A flowering one




26 thoughts on “Flowering Tree

      1. I really like the poem — I think we probably share the same point of view on a few topics.

        Funnily enough, you wrote a sonnet, which has a few established “rules” in order to “work” — which is hilarious if you consider what the poem is about… Breaking imposed ideas and living your own. Never mind me; I probably sound weird, but that was my way of complimenting it. It is a little ironic.

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      2. Yes, I do feel that we sometimes, do think on the same wavelength. I liked that weird way of insight you brought about staying within the rules. However, as much as I hate society for strangling me, there are certain things I do appreciate and love. I am a sucker for sonnets, and I love the way they flow. I may not be exceptionally talented enough to write a good one, but I find that a well written sonnet always makes for a happy read.

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      3. I’m not against sonnets. I love them, but I can’t write nice sonnets in English. I confess that I occasionally write them in my first language.
        Well, your sonnet is pretty good. I gave it a like because I truly enjoyed reading it. (:

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      4. Well, I’m from this tiny country called India. My first language isn’t English either, but I prefer to write in English. Somehow, I find myself unable to play with words in Hindi, Malayalam or Gujarati (the other three languages I speak). I liked that cat too. ;)

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      5. My best friend (world wide — a “pen pal”) is Indian, so I get what you’re saying. I’m not sure what is his first language, though… I think it’s Hindi. Anyway,

        Here is the question —

        Cats or Dogs?

        No, you can’t say birds or both.

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      6. Well, sometimes money issues, marriage, screaming newborns and the like can be a good treatment, but no — it’s incurable. You’ll die and be buried next to a flowering tree if you’re lucky.


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