Astral Smile — Vinícius S. Pessoa

Your liquefied acid burns in my chest.

Your starry honey, your bile, your dream as a fluid,

Diluted with my blood… The one you’ve made so painful…

Provoked, under anaesthesia, a dance encompassed by the taste of your chest,

Which revives me with a divine alchemy


Music from the forest, from the lands, from the story of the winds…

You never screamed so loudly your desire, but the momentum

In which you arched the astral smile, Demonía

And stained the shadow gown of your harmonious Moon…

When your starry sweat fell over me, a plague began —

A knife-shaped fire carved inside of me

The bitter wish… From her, whining for a thirsty smile,

For leashes, barbs in the fibers, a tooth biting the snowy flesh

Of electric paraffin; isthmus, penknife… Innocence moaning…


Vinícius S. Pessoa is a young poet, writer, singer, songwriter and musician born in the city of São Paulo, Brazil.

Pessoa shares his last his name with one of the most famous and well-known Portuguese poets, Fernando Pessoa, which means person. Funnily enough, that’s exactly who he is — one single person, one single artist, who carries in himself a legion: he is a walking variety of talents. He’s not only an incredible poet, but also a marvelous pianist and violinist.
I’m posting this poem because Vinícius is a close friend of mine, and I’m sure that someday, in the due time, he will be recognized in Brazil. His writings are light, yet so heavy… He writes lines of Surrealism, rich in Abstract meanings, in his own, unique way.
This is the first time he’s ever had one of his poems translated to English. I tried my best to show the intensity of Pessoa’s work, without corrupting the original poem, despite the fact that English isn’t my first language either.
My translation is very loose, yet I think it translates the true meaning of his feelings: his unbreakable, sensual, quasi obsessive love for his “Demonía” — just one of the many words he loves to recreate and reinvent.




One thought on “Astral Smile — Vinícius S. Pessoa

  1. PS. Dear Vinícius,

    I know you are afraid of the oh-so-scary fame. Still, there’s nothing I can do, but share your art with this planet.
    My microblog is giving *your* art a like today.



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