Every Monday Ahead Of Us


I’m still in love with the dreams I let escape last night — now,

I have fairies sitting on my eyelids. My forehead against the pillow

Feels the weight of an entire world

Disappear little by little


I’ve been cursed — without you, my days

are blasé and so predictable.

I’ve been cursed — without you, I feel like

I’m attending my own funeral;

Even though

I don’t know if I still believe

In what you’d call love…

I want you to let me breathe in

Your unintentional inspiration


I want you and I to be

A collision of ecstasy. You and

I blend together perfectly


I’m still in bed; too far to reach your


Flesh colored lips… Still,


We are ready to face

Every Monday ahead of us




The Yellow Scale (showing Charles Baudelaire) by František Kupka (September 23, 1871 – June 24, 1957), also known as Frank Kupka or François Kupka.


11 thoughts on “Every Monday Ahead Of Us

      1. I lie me down, with regrets at my feet. A feat of beat techno jazz at the door and just my imagination, nothing more. Nothing more dangerous.

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    1. That’s absolutely true. Although I guess I’m one of the lucky ones — I don’t work on Mondays (at least I’m not working on Mondays during this semester!), which makes them the perfect day to read and contemplate life & the like.
      I think Baudelaires’s blasé face painted by Kupka shows a bit of what Mondays mean to me.
      Thank you for your comment & compliment. I genuinely appreciate it. (:

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      1. I just read it — I really enjoyed it, and the photo is perfect!

        Baudelaire is one of my favorite of all times, too. Whenever my friends don’t know what to get when buying me a gift, they just pick a different translation of Baudelaire’s Fleurs du Mal. I chose the painting to illustrate my poem because I think Baudelaire probably disliked Mondays as well — yet the incredible amount of vibrant yellow in the picture makes it kind of happy, haha.


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