People talk about hope,

Love & beautiful things. I want

To mention flowers again, too


Maybe I speak

Of the things I’ve found

In my dreams


It’s 3am and I’m still reading

A book about Van Gogh.


Deeper into his psyche, I see

A man who knew he was a genius; yet

This world drove him insane


I break the silence of a quiet night

With a brief fit of laughter:

I’m left

Without roses today, but

At least he gave me sunflowers




14 thoughts on “Sunflowers

    1. Thank you. I will read them ASAP tomorrow morning (I mean, later today!), and leave a comment. It’s bedtime for real now. Thank you for sharing; I already liked the part saying “sad when an artist has to cut off their ear go be heard”

      Goodnight (or good morning!), wherever you are.

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      1. Hopefully I won’t end up cutting off my own ear someday. Thank you.

        I’m going to bed now (for real this time! Enough of poetry for more two hours until I have to wake up again!).


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      2. nice- see if you can hear the ocean in your pillow…and hopefully we share in words again soon…enjoy your well deserved rest- and go inspire and trip out young minds in such need of your wisdom- guidance- compassion- and love…night to you…

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      3. Most of us are underpaid, unfortunately. But it’s worth it. I’m still very young, so I still think it’s worth it. Hopefully I won’t be bitter in twenty years.


  1. and if you want to find out how i wound up writing all these twisted things- you should check out my narrative- i have a link to my youtube video i created- which in part tells my story- but mine is a twisted tale…you might enjoy- when you have more time…

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