Day & Night

Day and Night

Live together under the same roof —

He wakes up early to hear the birds

Chirp and sing

Melodically; ah, the innocent

Creatures. She hides under the bed sheets,

Angry at the noisy monsters


Day and Night

Live together in perfect disharmony,

And spend wonderful afternoons in the small living room

When she skips work to paint another portrait of her

Favorite person.

How fantastic is this couple… They’re lovely

Even when he wants to take her out, and have a

Drink with the young and the alive, but

She says they should stay home.

I still love people, but let’s do that next

Saturday. We can

Drink one of our fancy wines tonight.



Day and Night

Decided to have an Eclipse. Friends wonder

If the baby will be baptized. He believes in god (sort of!) —

She’s mocks religion whenever they walk in front of a



Day and Night

Are wonderful together. You don’t have to

Pick one





4 thoughts on “Day & Night

  1. I was pleasantly surprised going in expecting something then coming out with something else. I was thinking more of the actual day and night and with the line that they shared afternoons made that superb then releasing it was more about people maybe…made this an enjoyable read.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much. (: Day and Night are a couple; both very different from each other, but that together become complete.
      I’m glad you enjoyed it.


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