Write to exist, even if your words

Remain unread; write to let go, write to

Hold on.

I write the unspoken words — I write the

Yells and screams.

From the ink of a pen to the

Rhythm of a keyboard…

I write to be a proof of myself — I am,

Even when my words remain unheard




23 thoughts on “Words

      1. everything is not about winning… but if you insist then how about this is the rule, if you end up having some faith you win, if you can’t then I win… see my dear quasi friend, winning/losing is even more relative than forever ;)

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      2. I think I’m winning now. That’s all I care about — winning!

        I based my poem on a conversation between Violette Leduc and Simone de Beauvoir (maybe it wasn’t an actual conversation, but still…), in which Simone keeps insisting that Violette should write. Write, write, write — even if the world doesn’t hear you, write. The reasons behind her insistence are many: sexuality, feminism, lesbianism, bisexuality, and the life of Violette Leduc itself. She was living a life of misery when they met. Anyway, that’s what inspired me to write this short poem about WHY should we write — write to exist, to be, to say; unheard or not. That’s the beauty. Defending yourself and purging everything.

        Sorry for the essay.

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      3. I don’t think that being unheard is always a problem, actually. I like it to some extent. You know, I’m a social hermit. Being alone with myself has its own beauty.

        Oh, I’d rather be overapologetic than too self-absorbed to apologize.

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      4. So say it instead of telling not to be overapologetic. By saying that you imply that I shouldn’t be myself either, since I am an overapologetic person.

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