Blues After Goodbye

The saddest oceans —

I won’t ever drown in you anymore,

I won’t ever stare at your eyes

Where joy once met



I’ll never hold your hands —

Hands made to kiss and love


I won’t ever kiss your lips,

And taste a bit of you


I will never. Never


— I repeat to myself:


I will never be with you





I love you above all things — in the memories

Of your light blonde hair, I forget

What time and suffering mean


My grandmother, you’ve become a child

In your forgetfulness,

But your sweet smile still shines the same

Light of the woman I’ve loved all my life


Staring at your green eyes, I see nothing,

But my own reflection —

From womb to womb,

We now are here because of you


Do you know

How much you’re loved?



Faux Vulgarity

Walking down the street,

Breathing in somebody’s cigarette smoke,

Dazzled by the scent of slow death and nicotine,

I remember that I don’t have a father —

I’m technically a bastard, but

Pardon my elevated self esteem: I have a baby doll

Face, anyway. People say

I’m gonna go places while I take my daily



Walking down the street, I remember

That girl’s kiss. Her fingers, her

Naked body, her tongue…

And the fact that I haven’t slept

With my boyfriend yet


I’m trapped in the horizon.

I can’t stop staring at this gorgeous

View… It’s a cloudy afternoon


I smile. No, I don’t know why.

I just wonder

If anyone’s really normal at this point.

I sigh because everything seems so mundane



Her Soul

Once I promised to steal a star from the sky

Just so she could have a light to guide her

Through this dead, dark, quiet land




My thievery would be just an act of

Empty beauty


Why steal stars from the sky when

She has light

Shining brightly within her soul?




I’m just an ever changing concept

Of ideologies over ideologies;

A confusion of new ideas and old memories


Don’t say you want me to fall in love with you.

Be careful —

I think you’ve been bewitched enough.

You’ve fallen under my unintentional spells

While I’m still trying to figure out what’s

My definition of life




Running and running; speaking louder

Than the dead.

I want to be the voice of the defeated.

The witness —

One of the many to sing for

The broken


Running and running; I breathe out life

Into people’s lungs


Hold my hand because I don’t want to be alone

When I become one

Of the voices of the silent




The Painful World

This is still a painful world


We’ve built kingdoms and goverments over

Red lands. We’ve built them

With solid bricks; held them with our

Bleeding hands, even when we were too weak to sustain

The weight of our reality


And children still run outside…

Ravens still fly in the nighttime sky.

Flowers bloom. Flowers always bloom because

Life knows no limits