Brutal animality pales in the face of our

Humanity — banalities of

A real life where someone shots a

Septuagenarian and her granddaughter

For what would be less than

A hundred dollars.

Life has changed so much, people say.

I won’t question anything

Anymore… Wisdom

Is smaller than this tiny

Grain of rice


In a world big enough for innumerable

Rice fields, we destroy


We poison the living soil with

Drops of blood red violence




148 thoughts on “Banalities

      1. it takes about 10 methamphetamine pills here to get someone to kill someone else… the cost of which is roughly 40 USD… the law enforcement agencies don’t really bother unless the victim is politically influential… but here if you are politically influential you won’t get killed for $40


      1. and in the middle eastern culture, the new day begins at sunset… yes it is poetic… in our culture, light precedes darkness while in theirs, it’s the other way around but the western notion of starting the day at 0000 hours is just too manacled and completely barren of aesthetics.

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      2. And then we go back to Plato…

        I’m probably being cryptic right now. Sorry. Meds kicking in, but I’m here to chat until I fall asleep if you grant me the honor.

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      3. please my dear quasi friend, carry on and never be sorry for being yourself… at least to me, it makes me extremely uncomfortable down to my core… I love Plato’s Utopia (if only he devised a way to sort out the first bunch of guardians) and the dancing shadows in the cave… though I am mostly indebted to Plato for giving us the Apology of Socrates and I am an ardent disciple of the Gadfly!

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      4. I giggled when I read “quasi friend” — I guess you liked it, Amit. Ah, no worries, but thank you. I am overapologetic.
        I’m reading a great philosophy book (although I guess it could be called modern philosophy. I think you would like it, anyway)

        It’s about the limits between pleasure and hedonism.

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      5. the title is very luring, yes I think I would have loved it too and yes I liked your coinage of the phrase… I am absolutely in love with the phrase “almost but not quite” … this is the ground I am most familiar with and comfortable in!

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      6. Get used to it because I say it a lot… I’m glad you like it.

        I was going to ask if you can be friends with someone whose name you don’t know, but I guess you already answered that when you quoted Shakespeare earlier today (I mean, yesterday over there)

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      7. you know only bosses find being bossed about uncomfortable… I am no boss, so no problem there… I am just fiercely independent, so as long as I am sovereign, be my boss till your heart is content!

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      8. if you are referring to that brilliantly crafted piece of poetry which you ironically tagged as an erotica, then yes I would absolutely love to read more posts about surreal masturbation!

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      9. My meds make my libido drop so it might not happen soon. We shall see.

        These chats are getting weird.

        Thank you for the lovely comment, though. I’m honored, as always.

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      10. I know, right? I don’t like it, and like I said, I like being mysterious (while being honest and open — what a paradox).

        Okay, I’ll send a message in a moment.

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      11. I hope you have found your way out of it… although I have a poem that says when I am happy, I am worried because I know sadness is just around the corner but when I am sad, I am excited inside because I know happiness is coming soon… I think I conceived and composed it after reading Kahlil Gibran..

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      12. I understand the feeling. I’ve felt it, too. Still, sadness is a beautiful feeling — it’s just light and darkness… How would you know you were happy if you had never felt happiness before?

        Also, sadness isn’t that bad. It’s one of my favorite words in my native language.

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      13. Isn’t it? I love it. Ah, I love Romance Languages, but of course that’s because I’m a native speaker. I also like saudade, which only exists in Portuguese (some say that’s not true, but they’re wrong — only we know the depth of saudade), and cafuné, which only exists here in Brazil. I’ll let you have the pleasure of googling those.

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      14. I love butterflies; one of my favorite people is an artist and creates amazingly detailed butterflies with just a pair of scissors
        She also painted my logo with acrylic paint.

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