Shining lights — stars of

Freedom explode in the sky. At such a fast speed, why would I have to

Speak? Just drive faster. I don’t

Have anything to say, but we both

Smile, anyway


Let’s look for a new

Home. Driving faster… She forgets the existence of

Walls and fences.

Dearest friend, I can feel

How heavy your heart has become


Fast speed… Let’s live to outrun

Limits and the promises we never

Wanted to make




64 thoughts on “Outrunning

      1. Good morning, Amit!

        I think her compositions are very rich as well, although she mainly uses the piano in her music — she’s still in the beginning of her career, so we should wait to see more. I confess that Björk is my favorite, though.

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      2. in brief, it says (I’m paraphrasing) that everything is related to everything else… an observer changes the states s/he observes… atomic particles are related to each other in a mysterious bond! please spare some thoughts about your hunger now, we shall continue the debate afterward!

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      3. our world is a minuscule part of Nature (like a grain of sand in a desert) which is a name of that God. instead of Nature I would prefer Universe… the E or the MC2… now the creation is M so, no, it is not a creature because the creation is part of the Creator and one of its’ subsets… the Universe is omnipresent, is it not? and all the energy/potency that has ever been or will be is a mere fraction of the E, so the Universe is omnipotent too.

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      4. Well, that was implicit in what I said when I typed nature. It is everywhere, even inside of us — we and everything else are tiny parts of nature. What I meant to ask was if you’re a theist.

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      5. Mystic sounds a lot better than crazy religious bigot. Well, I believe in energy myself, but I’m probably what some people would call an “evangelical” atheist, despite my best efforts to stay quiet.

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      6. I googled it, this is what came out :”the belief in one God as the creator and ruler of the universe” I believe in creation (everything was created at the big bang, including space and time) but the word ruler is absolutely misguiding…. the conventional definitions of these terms are full of such loopholes, that is why I am kind of allergic to any classifications/labels (like theist, naturalist, evolutionist etc. etc.) … when we try to define things, we do it using our models, so we need terms like creator and ruler and commandments to define God… I think a line from Shelley’s Necessity of Atheism should make the point clearer, it goes somewhat like this, “a God made by men would definitely need the help of men to make Himself known to men” and finally from one of my favorite authoress to conclude “If God were small enough to be understood, He would not be big enough to be worshipped.” (Evelyn Underhill)


      7. I think that labels are unnecessary (most of times), but how am I going to understand you if I don’t ask who do you think you are? Well… I don’t have any names to mention now to help me on this one, but I will as soon as I leave class.

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      8. please let me know if my taking names makes you less comfortable… I do it only because I could never complete the expressions as meaningfully as they have… academically I have always been a backbencher.

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      9. No, absolutely not. I don’t think you’re a name dropper. I often do the same when the topic is art, music or my favorite writers, but I don’t know much by heart when it comes to atheism — I base my (lack of) belief on my perceptions of life, etc.

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