Last time I skipped work, I lied about

My father’s death. However…

I am, in fact,

What some would call

A bastard child



You have to take the good out of

The bad — give life to the

Dead in your graveyard


Bring out the

Beauty of the moment when

You cried for the love of the

Most extraordinary

Blue eyed girl

With lines of honesty

Written in the shape of poetry


From the mermaid I met over a decade ago

At church,

I took an entire garden

Just a couple of years ago.

We were together in bed, half

Naked and dazzled, when I brought her face closer to

My mine.

I inhaled her perfume; I took

Her bouquet of flowers. I stole

Every petal I could… Yet

My heart

Remained stone cold


Wavy morals

Drown my psyche in

A strange kind of bliss. As a

Bastard, I’m not someone to be


I will

Sail away and look for





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