When she told them

The truth

About the stepfather, they chained her

To shame. Her mother

In their godly bleach had been

Brainwashed. No one to

Ask for help; who would

Believe? God himself didn’t

Exist… Her prayers

Were never heard. Like an

Unborn baby, she had her right to a

Voice denied. The

Climbed walls of her bravery

Went down like falling

Tears… Brick by



She saw

In her mind

People in white

Taking her away to a different

Dimension, but

Reality was less fantastic. It was


It’s not true, it’s

Not true, they said

You’re lying, they


A man of God

Would never do these things to



In her hate induced


She went back

To her room.

Empty like a

Shell… The

Pearl was stolen. She heard voices

In the living room. She

Divided herself into

Two —

To escape



Shells… The sea takes them back; drowns

Them in its wound burning





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