Thank You

No, this isn’t exactly a poem (or a crazy rant!). Just a really honest thank you.

Poetry has always helped me to keep my sanity — especially now, during this confusing era of my life.

It is an outlet, a powerful weapon, and the best medicine I could ever take.

My favorite poets always comfort me through their words, despite the fact that their biographies are graveyards of long lost memories, beauty, poor choices, amazing moments, heartbreaking tragedies and more (but I guess that’s what life really is to all of us!), and for that reason, they remain alive.

As a young adult at the age of twenty three, I hope I can keep its flame always shining bright in me, and never lose my passion. I want to poetize this world, always writing to and for myself. If you enjoy what I write, please know that I feel very honored — thank you from the bottom of my blue heart. I usually write in my second language, so getting feedback is always nice (especially when it is positive!). Sometimes I get to the point of shedding tears when I read some poems that I find here on WordPress… That’s what makes things even better.

Today isn’t simply World Poetry Day… Today is also our day, poets and poetesses (oh, M! You have to ruin everything with a cliché!).

May we always be in touch with ourselves through this beautiful, enchanting, mind opening art.

— Poetry fuels and refuels my soul




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