O Dove, symbol of peace!

Dove of love; the dove of all messengers!

Why did you

Shit on my head?




Funny fact… I never swear IRL (not that “shit” is really a heavy word, heh!)


167 thoughts on “Dove

      1. You always flee when I say something about you being married, or complimenting too many girls. Tsk.

        Yeah, I like weird stuff. It was a compliment.


      2. It would be super good if you weren’t married and, like, old enough to be my dad. But it’s good, anyway. You’re cool, Cakes.


      3. Actually, the best month of the year is September. Or October because Halloween rocks. But yeah, that’s correct. Just let’s keep it a secret. In fact, I’ll delete these two comments later, or edit them, mwahaha.


      4. What a great post. Seriously. I enjoyed it. Dreams, nightmares, and sleep itself etc are things that really interest me.

        Four hours a day… That reminds me of myself when I wasn’t on sleeping pills.


      5. I have a great collection of crystals and gemstones. I’m currently wearing a rose quartz pendant. Do you think that’s gonna help me to have a shot?


      6. Now I feel extra depressed. I don’t want to age and grow up.

        You never answered my question about the rose quartz. I guess that was a no.


      7. You haven’t said anything about the rose quartz yet.

        Well, that was too obvious already. As I witch, I could tell from the beginning that you were very weak.


      8. See? You’re so easy to bewitch. I just said I wasn’t that interested anymore, and now you’re talking about love and paradise, Aquarius.

        This is going to be a smooth, fun ride.


      9. So American English is incorrect? Ouch… I should go ask my mum if she can grant this poor me a favour and give me money to learn your fancy language.


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