I put my arms around her

As if we would kiss again, but I know that

Her lips I won’t ever bite anymore. With a half lie

I say goodbye to the

Girl I will never love. One out of

Three… I haven’t kissed many mouths. One

Out of three; her eyes make me feel like a

Prey… Am I here for the



She releases my seat belt — I want to

Stop her hand… Ask her to take me

Away, but I don’t want to

Show the depth of

My insanity… I

Stay outside to watch her


She drives off



Out of three… I want to put my arms

Around her; suffocate her with my

Loneliness… She took pieces of me

With her lustful bites of

Cheap love


I remember when

She put her arms around me,

And sank into my embrace

Just to hide her eyes from mine




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