After so many hours spent

On getting lost in

Thoughts where our lives collide, my lip

Lights up in red — a dissolving circle

Brings me back to

This universe of unreality,

Ending everything



A reopen pain

Bleeds in my mouth —

It tastes like you and fantasy


Why do I

Bite my lips when I could be

Kissing yours?



4 thoughts on “Metallic

  1. This piece really sincerely relates to my feelings right now , it’s like you are reading my thoughts,my fears of losing my man through the chaos caused by my mental illness thank you for your posts they help me reflect 😄

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    1. Aw, thank *you* for your comment. I understand how mental illness can destroy your whole life.
      I’ve been on meds and getting therapy for severe depression and anxiety, but what helps me the most is writing and drawing.

      Hugs, I hope things get better soon x


      1. Yes early days for me I’m suffering from severe anxiety and depression disorders and now they add personality disorder,I’m trying to write how it actually is but right now there’s not enough clear headed time so sometimes I tend to ramble but at least it’s a safe way to release the thought that cause me Chrisis take care keep writing you’ve a great way with words 😄

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      2. Rambling is good, too. I created this blog to ramble and babble — I don’t even know what it is anymore. Probably an open journal, like the main page says.

        Even if you don’t do anything besides rambling, I think it could help you a lot.

        Take care you too! I’m one of your followers so I’m here to read your rants and ramblings (:

        PS. Thank you for the compliment. English isn’t my first language so sometimes I’m a little self-conscious about my poems.


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