For Some Reason

Today, he called us. My mom

Answered the phone. I heard

A thousand words coming out of

Her angry mouth, just like

Bullets on fire


Why did you call us? Why

Do monsters in suits like you exist?

Justice, won’t you ever prevail?

Won’t you lift me up

In your arms, at least for once?


He left scars, he left

Pain. Chained reaction —

From hate to hate, now I

Too hate myself


Everything was blue, but

Comfortable until the moment

The monster called us


I crawl back to bed. My hands

Are shaking too much to create

Anything to express my

Pain. I pinch myself. Am I awake?


The monster called us. God really

Isn’t real, I whisper to myself.

Another proof. Another evidence

Forgotten by those who will

Never get justice



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