Circle Your Heart


I’ve been through too many storms

To mind your thundering half-truth — so many words lost in an echo

Of a red demon’s ego. You say

Hurtful words in a polite manner to bury a seed

Deep within my thoughts. My past has its shadows; my name

Inked on your skin tells our tale in black


Is the night ready to


May tomorrow give me another chance

To see the sky. With reaching hands, I will draw stars closer to

My heart. My adversary,

I wasn’t made to fight


Can I stay with you

In the silence? Let’s not speak.

I am

Sharp-tongued when my tears

Are imprisoned in my eyes. Where

Is the night?

I want to catch stars

To circle your heart


Far away,

Where we won’t ever meet again

I still look for the perfect lights in the

Glowing darkness




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