Love is like a butterfly; so brave, so

Fragile sometimes.

It landed on your shoulder,

But you’re not very fond of bugs.

You said no,

And scared it away. I saw

Your blue veins and pale

White skin. I don’t think I will ever kiss

Your beautiful hands




29 thoughts on “Butterfly

    1. Thank you.

      Ha, that’s ironic!
      In mine it means luck (I suppose)

      I lived an interesting experience three years ago when I was seeing a white butterfly. I might write a poem about it someday.

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      1. of course you should, sooner the better… butterflies are awesome, but stupid people here are repulsed by the caterpillars and burn them alive (fearing the itch) believe it or not, even in the 21st century I have trouble convincing people that those caterpillars will become butterflies :(

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      2. that resonates so much with my thoughts… when we decide to eat we must kill what we eat, whereas when a mosquito needs to eat, she just makes a tiny puncture on our skin and we kill it for that… there is no animal on earth with more double standards (hypocrisy) than human beings!

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      3. thank you for not killing them… they are my siblings too… my mother tells me, when I was 6 months old, like any child I used to make a lot of fuss while eating… so she devised a way, she used to catch a cockroach or a gecko and threaten me that if I don’t finish eating soon she would kill it… that always did the trick… so I was born with the full sense of my inferior status to these insects and supposedly lowly lives!

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      4. That sounds like someone I know. He loves rats since he was a child.

        Your mother seems like an intelligent woman, but… No. No. I wouldn’t catch a cockroach to make my child eat. I fear them…

        I’d buy my baby with gifts and half lies, like every other parent.

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  1. Reblogged this on HeartBeatsBlue and commented:

    I’m reposting this because I’m literally surrounded by butterflies (or fairies? I can’t tell, I’m too sleepy!). But I guess they’re camera shy. I wish I had a bit of faith in anything, so I’d think this otherworldly scenario means something.


    Photo: Man Ray (American, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1890–1976 Paris)


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